PI launches new 900V InnoSwitch- Ep ic, suitable for industrial and three-phase power supply applications

by:MOSO     2020-01-10

David Chen, director of Power Integrations Application Engineering, said: high-voltage system designers usually face megawatt-class application environments, they may need to use a few milliwatts of power to power the low-voltage microprocessor system or tens of watts of power to power the inverter gate driver. Our new 900 V InnoSwitch- EP devices can greatly simplify the power supply design applied to common industrial voltage power supply ranges, making the power supply durable and highly reliable.

InnoSwitch of Power Integrations- The ep ic product line was released last year and uses the company's innovative FluxLink™ that meets safety requirements. Magnetic induction coupling technology, integrated with synchronous rectification and accurate secondary side control mode, can design a very high efficiency and high reliability power supply without optocoupler. New 900 V InnoSwitch- Ep ic is internally integrated with a 900 V power MOSFET with higher power, which can provide a large operating voltage margin in 450 VAC industrial system applications, thus improving reliability and service life. The new device can operate continuously at an input voltage of up to 450VAC. In addition, input undervoltage/overvoltage protection- As another layer of protection that can be manually set, when the input voltage rises to 650VAC, the IC can be prevented from switching, thus protecting the entire circuit. This flexibility is a huge advantage for designers who need their power supply to be suitable for the global application environment.

900 V InnoSwitch- Ep ic can reduce the number of BOM components and eliminate optocouplers whose performance will decline over time, thus enhancing the reliability of the power supply. The power supply design with this new device can exceed the ENERGY efficiency requirements of all international ENERGY efficiency standards, such as energy star® , California Energy Commission standards, EU code of conduct (CoC), ErP directive and US Department of Energy standards. They have passed UL1577 and TUV (EN60950)Safety certification, in line with EN61000-4-8 (100 A/m)And EN61000-4-9 (1000 A/m)Standard.

900 V InnoSwitch-EP samples are now accepted for order. The unit price of the device is 0. 10,000 pieces based on the order quantity of pieces. $95. Reference Design DER- 531 please see Power Integrations website: www. Power. Com/zh-Hans/innoswitch-Ep.

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