PI launches LYTSwitch- 6 LED driver IC for high efficiency and extremely low standby power

by:MOSO     2020-01-13

Power Integrations, an industry leader in high efficiency and high reliability LED driver IC (Nasdaq stock code: POWI) Recently launched LYTSwitch™- Series 6 safety isolated LED driver IC adds new options to intelligent lighting applications. The new IC can provide 65 W flicker-free output, with an efficiency of up to 94% and standby power as low as 15 mW, while providing configuration options to support two-stage or single-stage PFC. LYTSwitch- The 6 IC is designed for household and commercial lighting and thin ceiling Groove lamp applications. Its fast dynamic response performance can provide excellent cross adjustment rate for parallel LED lamp string applications, therefore, no additional secondary voltage stabilizing circuit is required. It is also easy to connect pulse width modulation (PWM)Dimming interface. LYTSwitch-6 IC supports constant voltage at the same time (CV)And constant current (CC) Control enables lighting manufacturers to choose a scheme to realize different design applications, thus saving production and logistics. Advanced thermal foldback protection characteristics can prevent IC from being too high in temperature, and can still provide lighting under the condition of ensuring temperature rise in any high temperature environment and working conditions.

LYTSwitch- 6 IC integrates 650 V or 725 v mosfet and uses secondary FluxLink™ Control, so no optocoupler can still provide constant voltage and constant current adjustment accuracy better than 3% at all input voltages, loads and temperatures. Due to the adoption of synchronous rectification and quasi-resonant switches, the efficiency of the power conversion stage with flyback topology can exceed 94%, so high power output can be provided without using heat sink. For example, a 35 W (12 V/2. 92 A)The design can exceed 89%. The standby power of the new device is always less than 15 mW under the general AC input condition, even with the input voltage detection circuit, this function allows IC to provide self-protection in case of surge and sudden rise of mains voltage.

Hubie Notohamiprodjo, marketing director of Power Integrations LED lighting products, said: LYTSwitch- 6 IC is suitable for intelligent lighting applications with multiple outputs. By eliminating the heat sink and optocoupler and greatly reducing the size of the output capacitor by 30%, the number of components and the system size of the overall scheme are also greatly reduced.

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