PI Launches Industry's First compatible Qualcomm Quick Charge 3. 0 technology charger interface IC

by:MOSO     2020-01-11
The new CHY103D IC can optimize the charging efficiency to prevent the mobile phone from overheating during high-speed charging

Power Integrations announced today the launch of ChiPhy charger interface IC products the latest device in the series CHY103D, this is the first Qualcomm Inc compatible. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. The developed Quick Charge (QC)3. 0 protocol offline AC-DC charger IC.

InnoSwitch™ with Power IntegrationsAC- DC switch IC is used together, CHY103D device can provide support QC 3. 0 All required functions. QC 3. The perfect combination of 0 protocol and CHY103D device can greatly reduce the loss of intelligent mobile devices during fast charging. This feature allows the system designer to choose to improve the charging speed of the mobile phone or reduce the touch temperature of the mobile phone during charging, and improve the efficiency of the charging process.

The IC can change the voltage in increments of 200mV instead of the larger step (For example, from 5 V to 9 or 12 V) Therefore, the charging efficiency can be improved and the heat dissipation can be reduced. This technology enables mobile devices to optimize the power supply voltage of offline chargers, thus minimizing power consumption in the internal charging management system of mobile phones.

CHY103D has rich protection functions, including adaptive output overvoltage protection that can prevent the output from exceeding 120% of the set output voltage (AOVP) , Can detect local short circuit and stop power output to prevent cable and connector overheating output soft short circuit protection (OSSP) And can be in detection to fault of situation under make by electrical equipment remote turn-off adapter of remote turn-off protection (RESP).

The power consumption of CHY103D device itself at 5 V output is less than 1 mW; When combined with high-efficiency InnoSwitch devices, this low power consumption can help designers meet strict charger efficiency requirements, such as the upcoming revision of the U. S. federal standard for external power supplies.

Shyam Dujari, marketing director of Power Integrations, added: fast charging of mobile devices requires more Power than traditional charging technologies, therefore, how to avoid overheating is a key issue. CHY103D can solve this challenge by improving charging efficiency. We are very pleased to be able to cooperate with Qualcomm through Quick Charge 3. 0 technology enhances the practicality of mobile devices.

CHY103D devices are suitable for tablets, smartphones, Bluetooth® Accessories and battery chargers for mobile devices such as USB power output ports. At the same time, it is also associated with Quick Charge 2. 0 products are compatible.

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