PI launches HiperPFS- 4 Power factor correction IC can make PFC design efficiency reach 550 within 98% W

by:MOSO     2020-01-04

Power Integrations recently launched HiperPFS-4 Series power factor correction (PFC)IC. The new device series is suitable for applications requiring excellent efficiency and power factor performance under full load and light load. HiperPFS- The device uses a compact electrically isolated heat-dissipating package with an internal integration of a 305 v mosfet suitable for 600 VAC input and a high efficiency variable frequency ccm pfc controller. The IC series can not only provide high power factor and low THD, but also achieve high efficiency in a very wide output load range, making OEM manufacturers conform to the strict 80 PLUS® Standard for Platinum and Titanium power supplies.

HiperPFS- 4 IC can achieve 0. 20% even under rated load. High power factor above 95 and Low THD. The new device can also meet the stringent lightning strike requirements of major computer and entertainment equipment providers, such as 410 VAC input test per second, this test is to ensure that the product can still have good reliability and tolerance under the conditions of sudden voltage rise and lightning strike.

New HiperPFS- 4 IC is suitable for closed design within 300 W, open power supply within 400 W and high voltage input application within 550 W. Specific protection features include undervoltage lockout (UVLO)Protection, undervoltage (UV)Protection, overvoltage (OV)Protection, over-temperature protection (OTP) , Voltage slow rise/fall protection, cycle-By-Cycle current limiting and power limiting protection. HiperPFS- The power consumption of the 4 IC at 230 VAC is less than 60 mW, and the output is still regulated under no load, and the power consumption in sleep mode is less than 20 mW.

Edward Ong, product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: HiperPFS- The 4 product series can provide extremely high efficiency and power factor as well as low THD in a very wide load range. HiperPFS- 4 The unique frequency sliding control technology enables the power supply design to provide extremely high efficiency under extremely light load, which is very important for EU CoC standard that meets the efficiency requirement under 10% load. The IC Series integrates a 600 V power MOSFET and has many advanced protection features, so it is very suitable for countries or regions with serious input voltage fluctuations. HiperPFS- The 4 device has a good 305 VAC input safety margin to ensure the safe operation of PFC, especially suitable for data center and commercial LED lighting. Other applications include refrigerators (Will include high PFC performance requirements) , Cordless tool charger and electric bicycle battery charger.

HiperPFS- The 4 IC provides high-voltage input and low-voltage input application versions respectively, and adopts eeSIP package with excellent heat dissipation, which can simplify the installation of heat sink. The unit price of the device is 1. 1 per piece based on the order quantity of 10,000 pieces. $46.

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