PI launches compact and efficient SCALE- IDriver IC product series, can support 1700 V IGBT

by:MOSO     2020-01-04
The new gate driver IC is suitable for 400-including three-level topology inverters- 690 VAC applications

Power Integrations recently launched SCALE- IDriver series electromagnetic isolated single channel Gate Drive IC expansion products. The new device supports IGBT with withstand voltage up to 1700 V and is usually suitable for applications ranging from 400 VAC to 690 VAC. They are also suitable for the latest three-level topology photovoltaic inverters and photovoltaic arrays using the new 1500 v dc bus standard. Expanded 1700 v scale- The iDriver product family allows OEM vendors to use the same highly integrated, secure and reliable drive solution in various solutions.

1700 v scale- IDriver IC can be used to drive IGBT and MOSFET, which will Power Integrations first FluxLink™ Magnetic induction bidirectional communication technology and its SCALE™Power device driver technology is a perfect combination. FluxLink technology can eliminate photoelectric devices and related compensation circuits with relatively low reliability, thus enhancing the reliability of system operation and reducing the complexity of the system; SCALE technology integrates all key Gate Driver functions into ASIC, which can reduce size and enhance reliability while simplifying design. The innovative eSOP package has more than 9. 5 mm creepage distance, and CTI (Relative leakage index) 600, which can ensure greater operating voltage margin and higher system reliability.

1700 v scale-IDriver IC support-40 °C to 125 C, the maximum switching frequency is 75 kHz. This product series can meet the upcoming IEC 60747-17 and VDE 0884-17 requirements. The new device has advanced soft shutdown (ASSD) Function to provide reliable and easy-to-implement desaturation for power switching devices (Short Circuit)Protection.

Michael Hornkamp, senior marketing director of Power Integrations high-Power products, said: With our latest 1700 v scale- With the introduction of iDriver IC, manufacturers can use the same platform to develop power supplies for all applications covering 400 VAC to 690 VAC input voltages, thus simplifying the design process. FluxLink technology can replace commonly used optocouplers with hidden problems. SCALE technology helps to easily and quickly complete compact, robust and reliable designs.

1700 v scale- IDriver IC can provide A maximum gate current of 8 A and support inverters above 110 without using an external push stage; When an external push stage is used, it can provide A gate current of up to 30 A and support inverters above 400. 1700 v scale- IDriver IC is suitable for industrial drives, power supplies/UPS, photovoltaic inverters of all sizes, Industrial HVAC (HVAC) , EV charging piles, traction equipment and commercial electric vehicles. SID1183K devices are now available at a unit price of $3 based on an order quantity of 10,000 pieces. $19.

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