PI launches 1200V dual channel gate drive core to replace Optocoupler

by:MOSO     2020-01-07

Power Integrations announced today the launch of 2SC0115T2A0-for 90 kW to 500 kW inverters and inverters-12 dual channel gate drive core. The new drive core uses SCALE™- 2 Integrated Circuit and isolated transformer technology suitable for DC/DC power supply and switching signal transmission, and no optocoupler is needed, thus greatly improving the reliability and performance of the system. The enhanced electrical isolation of the drive core is specially designed for systems with an operating voltage of 900 V. This technology is usually applicable to 1200 v igbt modules and meets IEC 60664-1 and IEC 61800-5-PD2 and ov ii requirements for 1. 2SC0115TA0- The 12-gate drive core supports modules with currents up to 2400 A and switching frequencies up to 50 kHz.

2SC0115TA0-The plane size of the 12-gate drive core is 53. 2 x 31mm, height only 13mm, so it is the most compact industrial device in the market. Highly integrated SCALE- The 2 + chipset uses 85% fewer components than similar products, and passes Vce- Sat detection and independent power supply voltage monitoring of the original and secondary parties provide short circuit protection. The new gate drive core also provides soft shutdown for low stray inductance applications (SSD)Protection. For more demanding environments, 2SC0115TA0-12 supports complete advanced active clamps (AAC) , IGBT voltage overshoot can be controlled during shutdown.

The power supply of the two output channels is separated from that of the original channel and the secondary channel. Each channel can provide ±15A output current and 1. 2W drive power and can generate 15 V-6V gate voltage swing. Regardless of the output power level, the starting voltage is adjusted to a stable 15 V.

Michael Hornkamp, senior marketing director of Power Integrations high Power products, said: 2SC0115TA0- The 12-gate drive core is an ideal platform for 600 V and 1200 v igbt modules in medium power applications, including general frequency converters, UPS, photovoltaic inverters and medical applications, it is especially suitable for applications with extremely high requirements for fast switching.

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