PI launched 725V InnoSwitch- Ep ic brings revolutionary changes to auxiliary and standby power supplies

by:MOSO     2020-01-06

Power Integrations released InnoSwitch today- EP series constant voltage/constant current off-line flyback switching IC. The new IC product line uses integrated 725 v mosfet, synchronous rectification and accurate secondary feedback detection control, thus providing excellent multi-output cross adjustment rate, at the same time, it provides comprehensive input voltage protection and real-time dynamic response, and the no-load power consumption is less than 10 mW. InnoSwitch- Ep ic also uses Power Integrations innovative FluxLink technology to design high efficiency, high precision and high reliability Power supply circuits without optocouplers, suitable for household appliances, HVAC (HVAC) Auxiliary and standby power supplies in consumer electronics, computing equipment, telecommunications and data communication applications.

Doug Bailey, vice president of marketing for Power Integrations, said: for a long time, our switching IC has long been recognized for its durability and inherent reliability advantages as a highly integrated device, it is widely used in auxiliary and standby power supplies. Increasingly stringent total energy consumption (TEC) Regulations are prompting engineers to try to reduce system power consumption in all operating modes. InnoSwitch- Ep ic is an easy-to-implement solution that can improve the efficiency of the power supply over the entire load range from standby to full load, providing designers with a new tool to deal with TEC regulations.

The application of FluxLink technology can not only realize high-performance Secondary feedback control, but also realize the simplicity and low number of components usually provided by primary feedback control. This helps to adopt efficient synchronous rectification technology, thus providing extremely high efficiency in the whole load range including heavy load. For example, InnoSwitch- Ep ic can enable 20 W power supply to achieve about 90% efficiency in multi-output design, while reducing no-load power consumption to less than 30 mW. Input overvoltage adjustment rate reaches highly accurate /-5%, while achieving + /-Overcurrent protection of 5% (OCP)Adjustment rate.

InnoSwitch- Ep ic can enhance the reliability of the power supply by reducing the number of BOM components and eliminating optocouplers whose performance will decline over time. The low voltage drop on the synchronous rectifier FET can ensure a highly accurate cross adjustment rate between the output voltage trunks, which helps to eliminate the secondary linear regulator and save cost and energy consumption. These advantages make it suitable for many applications, including home appliance applications such as microwave ovens, washing machines and dryers, as well as standby power supplies for PC/servers, air conditioning systems, displays, televisions and intelligent lighting ballasts. InnoSwitch- Ep ic also enables designers to meet the new Energy Star 7th display efficiency standards.

InnoSwitch-EP samples are now accepted for order. The unit price of the device is 1. 1 per piece based on the order quantity of 10,000 pieces. $08.

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