PI introduces an offline switching power supply IC with dynamically set output specifications and fully supports usb pd 3. 0 PPS fast

by:MOSO     2020-01-04

Power Integrations, a leader in the high voltage integrated circuit industry dedicated to energy-efficient Power conversion (Nasdaq stock code: POWI)Recently released InnoSwitch3- Pro Series off-line flyback switching power supply IC with constant voltage/constant current and constant power output characteristics. The new device can provide 65 W output power and 94% high efficiency under various input voltages and load conditions. In addition, accurate dynamic step control of output voltage and current can be carried out through a simple two-wire I2C interface ( The voltage step size is 10 mV and the current step size is 50 mA). The new device can work with the microcontroller or control and monitor the offline power supply according to the instructions of the system CPU. Its application covers almost all fast charging protocols, including USB power transmission (PD)3. 0 PPS, Quick Charge™ 4/4, AFC, VOOC, SCP, FCP, and other industrial and consumer battery chargers, dimmable LED ballast drivers, and output adjustable industrial power supplies.

InnoSwitch3- Pro power conversion IC integrates the microprocessor VCC power supply without adding a peripheral LDO to supply power to the external microprocessor; In addition, an n-channel MOSFET driver circuit is integrated, which can be used to enable or disable the main power output of the power supply. Because the new device integrates telemetry technology for bus voltage, current and fault reporting, as well as various protection functions that can be dynamically set, such as overtemperature protection (OTP), Input overvoltage/undervoltage (OV/UV)Protection, output overvoltage/undervoltage (OV/UV) The reaction mechanism of protection and short-circuit protection, thus greatly reducing the number of BOM components of complex off-line power supply and greatly simplifying the complexity of power supply design.

Shyam Dujari, product marketing director of Power Integrations, said: AC- The DC power conversion market is undergoing a rapid transformation. System designers need a programmable switching power supply solution that can adapt to various fast charging protocols, including the recently developed usb pd 3. 0 PPS specification. He further pointed out that the ability to accurately control the output voltage and current of the power supply under different application environments is also very useful for designers of professional applications requiring small batch production, because they can easily configure the output specifications during production or installation using software, thus meeting the power supply needs of different applications.

New InnoSwitch3- Pro IC adopts high-speed digital communication technology of Power Integrations-- FluxLink™ , In addition, it also has synchronous rectification, quasi-resonant switch and accurate secondary feedback detection and control circuit. The new device has passed CQC, UL and TUV (EN60950) Certification can be safely bridged between the primary and secondary safety isolation belts of the power supply. Its InSOP™- The 24D package also provides a low-profile solution for efficient heat dissipation, and the primary side and the secondary side have a wider creepage distance (>11. 5mm) And has stronger anti-surge and ESD capabilities.

InnoSwitch3- Pro IC supports fast charging protocols for many applications, such as smart phones, notebook computers, tablets, smart speakers, and non-charging applications requiring load-controlled or adjustable output. The device samples are now being ordered, and the unit price is $1 per piece based on the order quantity of 10,000 pieces. $12.

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