PI integrated power IC helps you reduce MLCC requirements

by:MOSO     2020-01-08

The electronics manufacturing industry needs to have certain flexibility to cope with fluctuations in component prices and supply. Power Integrations's highly integrated Power conversion solution can help manufacturers greatly reduce the number of Power components and reduce the impact of insufficient component supply, thus realizing this flexible response capability.

at present, a general-purpose electronic component in global shortage includes multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC)This element is widely used in noise decoupling (Attenuation) The shortage poses a great challenge to high-density switching circuits. A recent Wall Street Journal report pointed out that the industry is experiencing an unprecedented shortage of MLCC, resulting in higher prices. A smart phone usually uses hundreds of MLCC, and the number of MLCC used by electric vehicles may reach as much as 10,000. As a response, electronic component purchasers often hoard the usage for one year, not only does it cost a lot, but it also increases the complexity of logistics.

PI products have very high integration level, which can reduce and reduce the circuit loops in the power supply, which helps to reduce noise, thus reducing the demand for MLCC.

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