PI Expert Online v2. 2. 10 new features simplify usb pd pps power supply

by:MOSO     2020-01-18

Power Integrations just released 2. 2. Version 10 PI Expert™Online power supply design software. This Web-based program can convert specification parameters into ready-made solutions, and the design process can be reduced from several days to several minutes. Register now and start designing!

PI Expert now supports the use of InnoSwith3-Pro and InnoSwitch3- CP switching power supply IC to realize usb pd and usb pd pps design. It can automatic generate USB power transmission and digital control power supply requirements of power data object (PDO) Without the need to separately calculate the voltage and current of all required PDOs.

PI Expert supports the latest PI products and new features can be updated automatically. The latest version adds PI Xls Designer support for the following products:

InnoSwitch3- MX and InnoMux™ Chipset

900 V InnoSwitch3-EP (Flyback topology)

900 V LinkSwitch™-TN2 (Buck and flyback topologies)

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