PI Expert Online now fully supports InnoSwitch3-Pro

by:MOSO     2020-01-18

Power Integrations just released 2. Version 2 PI Expert™ Online, this is a popular power design software. This web design program supports PI's dynamically controllable InnSwitch™3- Pro switching power supply IC can realize complete features including circuit schematic diagram, circuit board layout suggestion and optimization engine. It can provide all the information needed to build and test the power conversion scheme.

Expert Online v2. 2 New features include:

PI Expert now supports InnSwitch3- Pro and InnoSwitch3- CP:

new method of inputting setpoint data

new feedback circuit support

bus switch circuit support

overload current and de-jitter time

improvements to all InnoSwitch3 product lines:

bias voltage linear regulator calculation method update

new output capacitance selection algorithm

all InnoSwitch3 devices under half load the series provides device on-time check

The performance and stability of PI Expert Onlined are improved

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