PI company showed Inn to engineers at the 9th National People's Congress 2018 and Shenzhen high performance power supply technology sharing and actual combat technology seminar

by:MOSO     2020-01-11

with more and more smart phones and laptops equipped with fast charging technology, the market for peripheral accessories such as chargers, data cables, mobile power supplies and car chargers has also developed vigorously, upstream and downstream supply chains have formed a huge industrial chain worth over yuan. As of September 2018, USB- IF Association has more than 1000 members, with more than hundreds of certified usb pd chips and products. Shipments of mobile phones supporting usb pd fast charging will exceed hundreds of millions in 2018.

A few days ago, the 9th 2018 National People's Congress and Shenzhen high-performance power supply technology sharing and actual combat technology seminar were successfully held in Shenzhen, nearly 2000 engineers enthusiastically participated in the grand meeting. Many well-known domestic experts also brought their years of practical experience and shared their unique design skills and experiences. Mr. Yan Jinguang, senior technical training manager of PI company, shared with engineers that PI company adopted InnoSwitch3- Pro is designed to conform to usb pd 3. 0 PPS standard adapter design experience, and analyzed InnoSwitch3- Pro is a technical point on how to speed up the charging speed of smart phones, tablets and notebook computers without generating dangerous high levels of heat in the device.

【The picture shows: Engineers stop at the PI booth]

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