PI company's July 'energy efficient power conversion' and 'Motor Drive' series seminar closed

by:MOSO     2020-01-13

with the development of PI company in China and the emergence of new products, more and more users want to know more about PI company's products, technologies and solutions. In order to meet the requirements of these users, PI company held a series of seminars on energy-efficient power conversion in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taipei in July; Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taichung' BridgeSwitch™ The high-performance BLDC motor drive series seminar introduced and shared the latest results of PI's products and solutions for the participating engineers.

1. Energy efficient power conversion seminar

In the energy efficient power conversion seminar, experts from PI company first analyzed the traditional PWM control mode and ON/OFF control mode, and then discussed how to optimize standby power consumption and improve full load efficiency. Designers can use PI's FluxLink technology to optimize the synchronous rectification timing, coupled with quasi-resonant switching technology, to greatly improve the overall efficiency of the power supply, thus realizing the power supply design without heat sink.

In the BridgeSwitch seminar on BLDC inverter application, experts from PI company introduced BridgeSwitch's half-bridge integration advantages and inverter applications with an efficiency of 98%. Among them, BridgeSwitch's high efficiency, fault return and hardware-based protection left a deep impression on the audience.

The meeting also introduced the principle of how to select the key devices in the specific BridgeSwitch application. Finally, according to the specific experimental data, PI experts further introduced how to optimize the layout of the devices on the PCB to achieve the best temperature rise performance. PI company also showed the audience the 300 W drive board designed without heat sink at the seminar site.

【 The picture shows the audience who stopped in the exhibition area at the BridgeSwitch seminar in Taichung listening to the explanation of PI experts]

One month, five cities, six sessions, two series of seminars. The hard work of the PI expert team was recognized by the audience. Through this two series of seminars, PI experts and engineers actively interact with customers, answer various questions from customers, understand customers' technical and purchasing needs for products, and establish good relationships. The participating engineers said they were very happy to have this opportunity to learn about the latest developments of PI company, obtain high-value technical information, and look forward to participating in the future seminar series of PI company.

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