PI company November high performance AC- DC power conversion technology seminar successfully held

by:MOSO     2020-01-14

as a supplier of high-performance electronic components and power supply schemes focusing on the field of high-voltage power supply management and control, PI company provides high-performance AC- DC power solutions and continue to lead industry technological innovation. In order to enable engineers and purchasing personnel to quickly and accurately capture the development trend of cutting-edge technologies in the power supply field, PI held a high-performance AC-in Shenzhen on November 5-DC power conversion technology seminar. At the seminar, PI technical experts gave an in-depth explanation of PI's high-performance power supply and PowiGaN--Gallium nitride technology developed by PI itself.

PI company's rich high-performance power supply solutions

This seminar, PI's technical experts first introduced the high-performance power supply solution from PI company to the guests present, including InnoSwitch 3 with internal FluxLink control mode and adapter power supply with different power.

when introducing InnoSwitch3, PI technical experts pointed out that there is a design contradiction between high efficiency and low power consumption in the traditional switch control mode, PWM and On/Off switch control methods cannot solve the performance challenges faced by all power conversion, while PI company's InnoSwitch 3 uses On- The characteristics of Off and PWM control modes can provide better performance. InnoSwitch 3 not only has lower complexity, but also is the best in average efficiency, light load efficiency, no-load power consumption, dynamic response characteristics, light load output ripple and EMI reduction.

through the measurement results, experts show the guests with facts that the design based on InnoSwitch 3 scheme can greatly improve the no-load performance and can realize>94% full load efficiency.

The seminar was packed. Apart from listening to the introduction of PI company's high-performance power supply scheme and cutting-edge technologies, the guests present also had in-depth discussions with PI technical experts, show strong interest and positive feedback on PI's products and technologies. I believe that through such high-quality communication, PI's power supply plan will better empower products, empower customers, empower the industry and ultimately empower the society.

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