PI company builds SCALE for automotive applications-IDriver

by:MOSO     2019-12-25

with the vigorous promotion of the national new energy policy, the new energy vehicle market is growing rapidly. In 2018, the production and sales scale of new energy vehicles in China reached 127 respectively. 0 thousand and 125. 60 thousand vehicles, the demand for high-power switching devices related to automobiles will also soar.

pure electric vehicle (EV) It is one of the key models promoted by new energy vehicles in China. Its ecosystem consists of two elements: electric vehicles and charging stations. Electric vehicles have a number of different switching stages, including battery management system, traction inverter, on-board charger, DC-DC converter and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV)Start and stop control system in.

the 6th (Shenzhen) At the seminar on electronic control and BMS technology for new energy vehicles, Mr. Zhu Xiuchun, senior application engineer of PI company, introduced the 'PI company SCALE- The application of iDriver and FluxLink technology in the driving of the car.

Secondly, he explained the Scale of PI- The application of iDriver in automobile pole and gate drive. Automotive power components need to have excellent stability, and high-power charging means that each stage of the powertrain must have excellent efficiency. New switching technology (Such as silicon carbide)The loss of switching elements can be reduced. Enhanced SiC, MOSFET and IGBT drivers (Such as SCALE-IDriver) It can improve clock accuracy and provide larger gate current, thus improving switching efficiency. New and more robust communication technologies can prolong the life of the system. The new driver adds many advanced safety features to protect the powertrain in case of overload, thus enhancing system stability.

then, he deeply analyzed PI's innovative FluxLink magnetic induction electrical isolation communication technology. The technology can provide a two-way high-speed communication link between the low-voltage primary side and the high-voltage secondary side. FluxLink consists of two spaces of 0. 4mm of magnetically induced coupling conductors are formed and embedded in homogeneous insulating materials, which can provide insulation exceeding 8000V and conform to VDE0884-10 standards (The future standard is VDE0884-11). SID1132KQ and SID1182KQ are packaged in PI's rugged and reliable compact eSOP package and can provide CTI600 class 9. 5mm creepage distance and electrical clearance, and is the only automotive grade Gate Driver IC, which can easily meet the automotive grade 5000 high altitude reinforced insulation standard.

FluxLink technology has been mass-produced by many PI industrial and consumer AC- Used by DC converter IC, the global shipment volume of such products has exceeded 0. 5 billion pieces, showing extremely high reliability in practical application (Failure rate <1PPM). The original isolation belt and communication link are integrated in the IC package, which can enhance reliability and eliminate peripheral isolation components such as optocouplers. These components have inherent problems of low heat dissipation performance and insufficient long-term stability.

During the meeting, PI's IGBT experts and the participating engineers had an active interaction to further introduce the latest developments, products and technologies of PI company, it also answered the problems encountered by engineers in the design and improved their understanding of PI company.

【The picture shows the sixth session (Shenzhen) New energy vehicle electronic control and BMS technology seminar venue]

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