PI appears at Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition with latest intelligent lighting scheme

by:MOSO     2020-01-13

The 4-day 2018 Guangzhou International Lighting Expo was held recently, attracting audiences from Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States to experience the latest technology in the industry. Power Integration also unveiled its latest products and design plans this year. LYTSwitch™- The 6 Series safety isolation LED driver IC provides 65 W flicker-free output for intelligent lighting applications, with efficiency as high as 94% and standby power as low as 15 mW. The design reference schemes popular with guests at the exhibition include:

•DER-630- 12 W isolated flyback intelligent lighting power supply

•DER-657- 45 W isolated flyback LED driver with switch Valley-filling PFC

•DER-660- 29 W isolated flyback LED driver with DALI dimming

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