PI and Weiquan electronics jointly launch 18 w usb pd fast charger reference design for smart mobile devices

by:MOSO     2019-12-26

Power Integrations and USB Type-CTM power transmission (PD)The leader in the controller field, Wei Quan electronics ( Weltrend Semiconductor Inc. ) Today's joint launch of an 18 w usb pd ac for smart mobile devices-Reference Design of DC power converter. The design (Reference Design DER-567) At the same time, WT6630P USB Type- InnoSwitch™ c pd controller with Power Integrations- CP off-line constant voltage/constant current flyback switching power supply IC enables engineers to quickly realize compact and energy-efficient power adapter designs that meet various energy efficiency standards.

Shyam Dujari, director of marketing, Power Integrations, said: usb pd technology greatly improves the intelligence of the adapter, enabling it to output more power flexibly and safely. The next generation of mobile devices is starting to use larger capacity batteries, and users can expect to greatly shorten the charging time.

Lin Chongtao, Chairman, special assistant and acting vice president of marketing of Weiquan electronics (Tony Lin) Said: usb pd technology was first applied to notebook computers and has now quickly become the first choice for smartphone OEM manufacturers in terms of security and fast charging.

The WT6630P usb pd controller of Weiquan electronics has passed the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF)USB Type- C standard certification, compatible with usb pd 2. 0 baseband communication protocol. The device of Weiquan electronics integrates Type- C cable detection circuit, usb pd physical layer (PHY)And with overvoltage protection (OVP)Over-current protection (OCP)And over-temperature protection (OTP) Such as system-level protection related components, thus reducing the number of BOM components.

InnoSwitch of Power Integration- CP switching power supply IC can obtain maximum power from charger under any given output voltage condition by providing constant power output characteristic, thus saving charging time and reducing cost. InnoSwitch- Cp ic uses the company's innovative FluxLink™ Technology, not only eliminating optocouplers, but also realizing secondary side control, thus providing fast dynamic response, excellent constant voltage/constant current adjustment and extremely low no-load power consumption. FluxLink technology can also easily realize safe synchronous rectification, which is helpful to design extremely efficient power supply.

Dujari said: due to support Type- C Cable and usb pd protocol, 18 W adapter will be the mainstream choice for fast charging technology. We are honored to be able to launch this reference design with Weiquan electronics. WT6630P controller can realize USB 2 in a very cost-effective way. The 0 specification helps major suppliers to introduce usb pd protocol-compliant adapters to the market. The design has been adopted by a leading smartphone OEM and has entered mass production.

Mr. Lin added: InnoSwitch AC of Power Integrations- DC converter IC can meet the design requirements of high efficiency, high reliability and small size expected by developers of fast charging adapter in intelligent mobile industry. We are very happy to work with Power Integrations to jointly launch this reference design to help the rapid application of usb pd technology in smart mobile devices.

Reference Design DER-567 conforms to usb pd 2. 0 standard, can pass the standard non-E-Mark's USB Type- C cable provides 5 V/3A and 9 V/2 A power transmission.

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