PI and Cypress jointly launch compatible USB-PD standard fast charger Reference Design

by:MOSO     2020-01-16

Ganesh Subramaniam, senior director of Cypress's USB product line, added: Chargers are everywhere, and the adoption of type c usb interface will make USB- PD is widely used in power adapters for notebook computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Cypress's EZ- PD CCG2 Type c usb port controller conforms to the latest USB Type-C and USB- PD standard, and can be passive EMCA (Electronic identification cable) Cable, active EMCA cable, laptop, power adapter, desktop monitor, charging stand and cable, adapter (Dongle)Provide a complete solution. EZ- PD CCG2 integrates type C transceiver, terminal identification resistor and system-level ESD protection circuit, thus reducing the number of BOM components.

InnoSwitch- By providing constant power output characteristics, CP enables battery-powered devices to obtain maximum power from the charger under any given output voltage conditions, thus saving charging time and reducing costs. InnoSwitch- Cp ic uses Power Integrations's innovative FluxLink™ Technology, not only eliminates optocoupler, but also realizes secondary side control, thus providing fast dynamic response, excellent constant voltage/constant current adjustment rate and extremely low no-load power consumption. FluxLink technology can also easily realize safe synchronous rectification, which is helpful to design extremely efficient power supply.

Dujari said: We are very happy to launch this joint reference design with Cypress. EZ- PD controller is the most mature and comprehensive implementation scheme of current USB specification. In addition, they are small in size and fully programmable, so they have high design flexibility during the critical deployment phase of this important new interface technology.

Subramaniam added: InnoSwitch AC of Power Integrations- The DC converter IC can meet the design requirements of high efficiency, high reliability and small size that the developers of fast charging adapter in the intelligent mobile industry want.

DER-533 implements USB- Profile 2 of PD standard requires that 5 V/3A and 9 V/2 can be provided through standard 3A and c usb cables. 2A power transmission. The reference design can be downloaded from the following website: http://www . Power. Com/der-533 /.

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