Performance and application of imported high power switching power supply

by:MOSO     2020-02-20
The performance and application of imported high-power switching power supply. Imported high-power switching power supply is an imported high-power insulated gate bipolar transistor 'igbtt' module as the main power device, with ultrafine Crystal (Also known as nanocrystals) The soft magnetic alloy material is the main transformer core, the main control system adopts multi-loop control technology, and the structure adopts anti-salt spray acidification measures. The whole machine design is scientific and advanced, stable and practical, superior performance, stability, energy saving and high efficiency. Imported high-power switching power supply has become an updated product of SCR power supply due to its superior performance of small volume, high efficiency, light weight and high reliability. It is suitable for various precision surface treatment places such as experiment, oxidation, electrolysis, galvanizing, tin plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, photoelectricity, smelting, chemical formation, corrosion, etc. In anodic oxidation, vacuum coating, electrolysis, electrophoresis, water treatment, aging of electronic products, electric heating, Electrochemistry and other aspects have also been well received by users. Especially in the fields of PCB, electroplating and electrolysis, it has become the preferred power supply product for many customers. Thank you for browsing our website. Our company sells a variety of products. You are currently on the introduction page of imported high-power switching power supply products. If you are interested in this product, please remind you warmly: we can call our service line to learn more about related products, and our staff will do their best to serve you.
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