PCIM Asia Best Report driving solutions for all silicon carbide module applications

by:MOSO     2020-01-18

In recent years, silicon-based semiconductors have come closer and closer to the physical limit of materials. Although we dare not assert that silicon-based semiconductors are difficult to break through in the future, judging from the signals released by academic and enterprise research and development, the potential of silicon-based semiconductors is indeed limited, and the direction of future breakthroughs will become narrower.

Based on this background, and with the increase of market demand in industry, automobiles and other markets, silicon carbide (SiC) The importance and superiority of the third generation semiconductor materials represented. Taking the automotive field as an example, because SiC devices can achieve higher efficiency and frequency, and the volume of the devices is greatly reduced, SiC devices are increasingly calling for IGBT replacement.

leading Exhibition and Seminar on Power Electronics, intelligent sports, renewable energy and energy management in China-- Shanghai International power components, renewable energy management exhibition (PCIM Asia) In fact, Wang Hao, senior application engineer of PI, shared with you the technical report entitled 'driving scheme for application of all Silicon Carbide modules.

currently, the driver scheme has been tested by two different manufacturers.

【Figure 6]

Figure 4, Figure 5 and Figure 6 show that the driving scheme drives CREE CAS300M12BM2 and Infineon FF6MR 12KM at the shutdown time, the opening time and the short circuit test time respectively waveform comparison. The experimental waveforms of 62mm packaged all-silicon carbide modules from two different manufacturers show that the driving scheme can effectively suppress the voltage spike of all-silicon carbide devices at the shutdown time, at the same time, the short circuit time TSC under 800 v bus is less than 2μ. S, the design goal of ensuring the safe operation of all Silicon Carbide modules under different working conditions has been achieved.

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