Parsing the LED drive power supply market present situation and development trend in the future

by:MOSO     2020-03-09
High quality LED products to promote brand awareness in the industry, '100 broken lights, have 99' because drive power supply problems. LED lighting products, the actual service life is much lower than the theoretical value, its basic reason lies in the failure of driving power supply. And, in LED drive power supply ratio reaches 20% of the whole lamp costs 30%, how to improve the driving power of price and quality, become the power supply enterprise research and development center of gravity. When it comes to the life problem, AndrewSmith said that the design of the driving power supply have very high demand, must be presented for temperature, efficiency, space, cost and other aspects to achieve the best effect. Many current LED engineers don't know how to deal with these factors, which leads to a lot of LED products on the market illume effect is not good and short service life. And Power integrations of market strategy is to produce reliable products with long service life, in order to enhance the company's brand recognition. In recent years, '' simplified circuit design technology is becoming a hot spot now LED power supply industry, which leads to many companies will this technology into product development, to innovate the traditional drive power supply. When it comes to simplify the circuit design of the current situation and future development, Andrew Smith said, LED the market demand for the power drive is diverse, and there is no single solution can meet the needs of all market segments, different applications have different techniques to deal with. Let all this greatly simplifies the work of the designer. Power integrations will continue to focus on and support the technology development trend and provide design tool, let the designers to optimize the circuit, make better drivers. Mainstream intelligent is the future of LED power supply technology is a good LED lighting lamps and lanterns, must have not only the high photosynthetic efficiency and high quality LED light source, more high quality, high reliable drive power do support, so the study of LED power supply and quality, cost control is becoming more and more valued. According to different application environments and places, the concerns of the power supply is also different, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting and due to the maintenance cost is higher, the requirement to the power supply is focused on quality, reliability and longevity. And the ordinary civil lighting, pay more attention to price and cost considerations. The future development of LED power supply technology must according to the different requirements of market and the niche and introduce the most suitable for the power drive technology and solutions. In general, the future way of lighting and patterns will no longer be confined to the existing at present, more and more humanized and more efficient forms of lighting, build give a kind of new light environment. Therefore, also must conform to the trend of development of the LED power supply technology, higher efficiency, lighter, thinner, the direction of intelligent control, LED digital power technology will be the future power technology mainstream.
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