Overview of power supply

by:MOSO     2020-02-26
Generators can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, while dry batteries can convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The generator and the battery themselves are not charged. Their two poles have positive and negative charges respectively, and the voltage generated by the positive and negative charges ( Current is formed by the directional movement of charge under the action of voltage) The electric charge conductor already exists. To generate current, you only need to add voltage. When the two poles of the battery are connected to the conductor, the positive and negative charges are released in order to generate current. When the charge is exhausted, it is also the full flow (Pressure)It's gone. Dry batteries and so on are called power supplies. The device that turns alternating current into direct current through transformer and rectifier is called rectifier power supply. Electronic devices that can provide signals are called signal sources. The transistor can amplify the signal sent in front and transmit the amplified signal to the circuit behind. Transistor can also be regarded as a signal source for the following circuits. Rectifier power supply and signal source are sometimes called power supply. Our main products: power supply, imported LED screen power supply, imported railway power supply 110V imported LED waterproof power drive
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