Outline the drivers and precautions for LED electronic

by:MOSO     2019-12-12
? LED electronic display is a current control device. The LED driver is actually the driving power of LED, which is a circuit device that converts AC power to constant current or constant voltage DC power. Unlike ordinary incandescent light bulbs, LED electronic displays can be directly connected to 220V AC mains. The requirements of LEDs for driving power are almost harsh. The working voltage is generally a DC voltage of 2 ~ 3V, and a complex conversion circuit must be designed. Different uses of LED lights need to be equipped with different power adapters. ? LED devices have very high requirements for the conversion efficiency, effective power, constant current accuracy, power supply life, and electromagnetic compatibility of LED drive power. A good drive power must comprehensively consider these factors, because the drive power in the entire LED lamps Function is just as important as the human heart. The main task of the LED driver is to convert the AC voltage into a constant current DC power supply, and at the same time complete the matching with the LED voltage and current. Another task of the LED driver is to control the load current of the LED at a pre-designed level under the influence of various factors. ? LED electronic display is conditional. Adding a forward voltage across its PN junction causes the PN junction itself to form an energy level (actually a series of energy levels) at which electrons jump and generate photons to emit light. Therefore, the voltage applied across the PN junction is required to drive the LED to emit light. Because LEDs are sensitive semiconductor devices with negative temperature characteristics, they need to be stabilized and protected in the application process, which has led to the concept of LED 'driving'. ? Anyone who has been in contact with LEDs knows that the forward volt-ampere characteristics of LEDs are very steep (forward dynamic electricity is very small). It is difficult to power LEDs. You cannot directly use a voltage source like ordinary incandescent lamps. Otherwise, the voltage The fluctuation increases slightly, and the current will increase to the extent that the LED is burned. In order to stabilize the working current of the LED and ensure that the LED can work normally and reliably, various LED driving circuits have emerged.
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