Our intelligent control system successfully launched 2000 series low voltage LED dimming driver

by:MOSO     2020-03-05
We push the intelligent control system 2000 series low voltage LED dimming driver, support DALI or 0 Or 1-10 v 10 v or PWM dimming signal, the output constant voltage 5 a or 10 a. Constant current of 350 ma / 700 ma, can drive the RGB tricolor LED and white LED. 2000 series low voltage LED dimming driver has superior performance, stable dimming curve, calorific value is small, appearance generous, easy installation, etc, and successfully passed CE/ROSH certification. Intelligent control system is widely used in indoor lighting, urban lighting, landscaping use advertising and other occasions. Welcome new and old customers to inquire cooperation. Shenzhen moso DALI protocol co. , LTD. Intelligent control system design of intelligent lighting control system, the DALI protocol LED lighting control system. Supply of DALI control software, DAL control host, DALI gateway, RS232 DALI host, RS485 DALI host, MODBUS DALI gateway, turn 0 - DALI protocol 10V( Or 1 - 10V) Dimming signal converter, DALI protocol to PWM signal switch, DALI protocol turn DMX512 protocol converter, DALI dimmer switch, DALI controller, DALI remote control switch, touch switch DALI, DALI rotary switch, touch switch, DALI point DALI decoder, DALI LED dimming power supply, DALI LED drive, DALI LED decoder, 0 10V( Or 1 - 10V) Dimming signal transfer DALI protocol converter, DMX512 protocol DALI protocol converter, DALI bus power supply, DALI relay switch intelligent control system
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