Our company launched Smart IoT IoT intelligent control software platform

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
We introduce SmartIoT iot intelligent control software platform SmartIoT united supporting remote control system software platform: Smart - IoTControl系统和智能 IoTfor Android APP maximum number of control equipment: 290000 connected to the computer interface: any Ethernet/wireless WIFI communication distance, the distance ( Add the network HUB) ; SBUS: 1200 meters; DALI: 300 meters ( Add the DALI repeater can prolong distance) Mobile phone/tablet control function: ( Support the Android system) Function description: & gt; The Ethernet bus communication interface for level 1 extension.> Adopting SBUS as secondary expansion bus;> Using DALI/RS485 / DMX triple expansion bus;> Equipped with a PC and mobile phone APP client software, no matter when and where, at any time monitoring and control;> Remote control can be all kinds of lighting, curtain, electric appliances, realize to track the status of each equipment;> Real time reading all kinds of sensor parameters, understand indoor various environmental parameters;> Provide the communication interface, such as WIFI/RS485, convenient and actually match into equipment, centralized control;> Equipment connected by cable, at all levels to provide remote access password and data encryption mechanism, effective stop hacking, safe and reliable;> Can realize data sharing and linkage between each equipment, any input events can trigger output point of action.
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