Our company launch inching control indoor map phone APP

by:MOSO     2020-03-06
Our company launch inching control indoor map phone APP Remote DALI APP/Smart DALI APP/DALI Link APP. Was developed by our company can be installed on the Android tablet/phone operating control software, cooperate with our company DALI Link intelligent lighting controller/SmartDALI dimming system, can realize equipment management, scanning equipment, group, and the scene such as setting the parameters of the sensor and the parameters of the switch Settings, timing control, sequential control, single lamp control, headlamp unit control, scene control, RGB color, warm color light control and control method with LAN and remote control. No matter where you are, as long as your mobile devices on the network, can to control lighting equipment and detection. The Android system requires Android 4. More than 2 version, interface can portrait, landscape, according to the control interface can be personalized match, a switch in both Chinese and English. Using the Android mobile phone or tablet to the Ethernet, can be installed according to the default mode after download. Get APP directly after login to our website to download installation: http://www. szyuanhao。 Com/news/zyxz43d/to DALI series APP more intuitive, convenient to control the lights and we added on to the APP now indoor map function, anywhere on the map, you can add button, text, images, and can be directly click on the button on the map to move light or switch control. Hierarchical management interface, hierarchy, in turn, is building, floor, map. Suggestions on the flat screen tablet landscape when using this control method.
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