Our company introduced RS485 industrial intelligent learning infrared transponder

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
We launched RS485 industrial intelligent learning infrared transponder most devices are used in household appliances infrared remote control to control the operation, in the intelligent remote control system, also need to: control of the electrical appliances, to support only the infrared remote control electric appliances, at this moment need a set of infrared remote control to access to the remote control system, as smart home application more and more widely, and the need to control the number of electrical appliances is increasing, so our company developed a learning model in the infrared transponder, can be set to the Modbus platform of industrial control system, and equipped with a friendly setting software, and provides the communication protocols, can integrate and secondary development, powerful functions, widely used in remote intelligent control system. A. Product characteristics is introduced: Ø ABS plastic shell, appearance vogue is beautiful; Ø support installation type suction a top, low voltage operation, safe and reliable; Ø hardware device USES RS485 bus for transmission, distance of up to 1200 meters; Ø industrial standard, communication interface photoelectric 3000 VDC isolation ( Optional) ; Ø compatible with Modbus - RTU protocol specification, supporting the PLC or HMI industrial equipment connected directly to use; Ø can learn any remote control coding, coding study length to 200 bytes per team; Ø built-in code storage, most can store 100 code acquisition data, no lose when power supply drop; Ø support group 100 infrared emission control at the same time, more than a key code, convenient and quick; Infrared emission Ø 360 degrees, no dead Angle, the longest distance control up to 10 meters; Late Ø support the remote online upgrade firmware, convenient upgrade or project custom function. Ø is suitable for indoor family, office, hotel, project, etc. 2. The main technical indicators Ø voltage: DC12V @ 0 ~ 24 v. 5A; Ø: power consumption & lt; = 0. 5 ( Static) ,< =5W( Launch) Ø launch Angle: 360 degrees Ø infrared distance learning: & lt; 20mm; The infrared emission distance: & gt; 10 m Ø learning infrared remote control: 15 KHZ - 80kHZ( Contains 99% of the remote control on the market) Ø communication interface RS485, ( The baud rate can be set, the factory default, 8, 9600 N, 2) Ø communication distance: 1200 m Ø working temperature: - 20 - The relative temperature 70 ℃ Ø: 10 - 90% of the three. Product operating this product can learn 100 infrared encoding data, at the same time support 100 infrared control group. 100 infrared codes: in order to learn of the infrared coding, each learning to a code, is stored in a serial number ( Power-fail data is not lost) 9, the late call this serial number that can be directly send the infrared signal. 100 infrared: group is implemented on the basis of the above 100 coding, each group can set 1 ~ 4 coding sequence number, at the same time can be set to control shunfa hair or round way. Such as: like a key to turn on 135 TV directly, you can put the above 1,3,5 setting of an infrared group 1, and set to shunfa way, and when the infrared control group 1, will in order to send 1,3,5 infrared signal to the TV. Shunfa way: in a few number set to the same group, click on the group number, so set it to the coding serial number in order to send it again, . 。 By analogy, round the launch. This product is equipped with computer software Settings, recommended the setting of computer software Settings, and then connected to the Modbus system using in the system. We also provide the communication protocols, you can also write another set of software interface. Note: due to the import/export learning infrared signal remote upgrade firmware to count and online communication data volume is large, part of this agreement is not compatible with the Modbus protocol, it is recommended to use our setup software to complete the operation. The software supports data export/import function, if the project need to use the same function as multiple repeater, can only use one of the converter, after learning to learning to data can be transferred into other forwarder. Welcome calls for product detail parameters information.
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