Not only energy saving - — Several smart bulb review

by:MOSO     2020-03-06
As the current global LED dimming the most high-profile of a new generation of light source, LED because of its high brightness, long life, the advantages of non-toxic, easy to move light, known as the most promising green lighting light source in the 21st century. In recent years, along with the national policy to promote energy-saving lighting and energy-saving subsidies to expand subsidies for LED lamps and lanterns, LED lighting market ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development. As technology development and low carbon energy saving health lifestyle become people back, the trend of China's high-end intelligent lighting will become intelligent LED lighting application system, main market, philips, leishi, millet and other famous enterprises have joined the intelligent lighting industry, some mainly in view of the new buildings, some for household, some for stock market, the product is good enough or practical, believe that everyone is uneasy about like the author, in order to make customers understand this kind of intelligent lighting equipment, especially introduced the intelligent lighting horizontal evaluation, hoping to provide reference when the choose and buy this kind of product in the future. Horizontal evaluation before preheating: questionnaire analysis before the start of the horizontal evaluation, the author also conducted online questionnaire survey, netizens participation than I expected, I didn't think wisdom lighting equipment has the attention of so high. According to the survey, 59. 35% of consumers know that intelligent lighting, but demand is not particularly evident, didn't buy may be for products don't understand. To adjust the function of light and shade, apparently many consumers to form the resonance. On the issue of the energy consumption, the one-sided. 89. 43% of consumers on the premise of meet the lighting, the preferred energy-efficient light bulbs, the remaining 10. 57% of users rarely concerned about the problem of energy saving is now more and more consumer attention to the energy in the continued ascent, to realize the importance of energy saving problem. Control mode for smart devices, there are 62. 6% of consumers still hope to be able to remote control, switch more convenient anytime and anywhere. 19. 51% of consumers tend to use low-power ZigBee control system, the wifi control because of its simple connection, 13. 01% of users love. Above all can remotely control more popular. About the intelligent lighting wiring problems, 78% of consumers worried about rearranging, control lines will affect your work or life, chose to give up intelligent lighting. Finally also investigated the user's attitudes towards smart bulb product prices, 78. 05% of users said more hope this kind of product prices are more affordable, more close to the price of the LED. Questionnaire summary: it is not hard to see from the above findings, consumers are smart bulb products buy, although not much, but the basic are heard, user demand for basic on the remote control, light and shade and color temperature adjustment function, focus on energy consumption and price and so on. Four big product contrast: learned, international semiconductor lighting industry maintain a 40% growth rate in recent years, in the past thirty years, global formed trillions of output and about 15 billion of the lamp holder of stock market. Now, with a large number of enterprises to join the wisdom of lighting in the industry, hardware and software who actor who is bad, no, in the cross in the project, on a total of four brands of intelligent lighting, they respectively are: philips, leishi, millet, constant and source.
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