New mouth USB charger | power adapter - 6 5 v12a output

by:MOSO     2020-03-15
5 v12a output power, science and technology of moso 6 mouth USB power adapter USB interface, 5 v12a output, new TP - C function, can charge the battery at the same time meet the mobile phone tablet, products are compact, easy to carry the product name 6 usb models SOY - quick charger 0501200 6 usb interface number ( 5 usb + TP C) 100 - rated voltage 240 v rated current 12 a color black and white can choose wire can customize the shell PC packing can be customized according to customer needs product features: intelligent IC chip test temperature, over current, short circuit protection. Support mobile phone tablet charging at the same time. Conform to the electronic product safety production specification. Products are compact.
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