New LinkSwitch-4 switch IC meets US DoE-6 and EU CoC efficiency standards

by:MOSO     2019-12-26
adaptive base- Emitter switch drive technology supports the safe use of low-cost

bipolar junction transistor switches

Power Integrations linkSwitch™ released today-4 Series constant voltage/constant current primary side adjustment (PSR)Switch IC. LinkSwitch-4 Product series with advanced adaptive base- Emitter switch drive technology supports the use of bipolar junction transistors (BJT) Switch, thus greatly improving power conversion efficiency and eliminating reliability problems caused by secondary breakdown. The new series of devices are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the U. S. Department of Energy (DoE)And the EU code of conduct (CoC) Strict new efficiency standards for chargers and adapters, both of which are scheduled to take effect in January 2016. The new standard of DoE is DoE- 6. It requires efficiency compliance measurement at the end of the charger USB cable; LinkSwitch- 4 exceeds this requirement and uses a low complexity Schottky diode secondary, which can even be used for 1. 5A and 2A high current smartphone chargers.

LinkSwitch- 4 IC integrates a multi-mode PWM/PFM Controller with quasi-resonant switching strategy, which can improve efficiency and meet < 30 mW no-load power consumption requirement while still providing fast transient response. Using a high operating frequency of 65 kHz can reduce the size of the transformer, and fixing the lowest peak current can improve the Transient load response speed. The new device can compensate for many factors, including transformer inductance tolerance, input voltage change, cable voltage drop and peripheral component temperature change. Unique adjustment technology can maintain very accurate IC parameter tolerance.

Mike Matthews, vice president of product development for Power Integrations, said: LinkSwitch-4 The Adaptive base used by the controller- Emitter switch drive technology can improve switching performance and provide higher efficiency than existing BJT or MOSFET switches. The technology can also eliminate secondary breakdown related to BJT and reduce sensitivity to changes in current gain, thus allowing the use of BJT with extremely low cost. Adaptive base- Emitter switch drive technology not only provides flexibility in the selection of BJT transistors in the design and manufacturing process by greatly optimizing BJT switching characteristics, but also greatly improves the reliability of BJT-based schemes.

LinkSwitch- 4 IC is suitable for applications such as chargers and adapters for mobile phones/cordless phones, PDA, MP3 and other portable audio devices. It provides SOT-23-6 and SO-8 Two packages. The unit price of the device is 0. 10,000 pieces based on the order quantity of pieces. 16 to 0. $25.

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