New CAPZero- 3 X capacitor discharge IC meets IEC60335 household appliance safety standard

by:MOSO     2019-12-18

CAPZero for Power Integrations- The 3 X capacitor fast discharge IC can help designers easily meet the safety requirements of IEC60335 for everyone and small household appliances. The new device covers 100 nF to 6 & micro; All capacitance values of F.

IEC60335 standard requires that the voltage of the input X capacitor must drop below 34 V within less than one second after the AC is powered off. CAPZero- The 3 IC can block the current flowing through the discharge resistor of The X capacitor after the AC voltage is turned on, and automatically discharge the X capacitor through these resistors after the AC is powered off.

The sophisticated and energy-saving IC allows the use of larger X capacitors and smaller inductive elements without increasing power consumption. CAPZero- The device is certified to meet the safety requirements of CB and Nemko, so developers do not need to carry out separate safety tests on the X capacitor discharge circuit of the power supply.

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