NB- What's the difference between a IoT and LoRa?

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
LoRa with NB for low-power wide-area Internet of things technology, is the most popular genre of two techniques: domestic operating mode ( Business model) NB meshing is operators. Is a double-edged sword; Is its advantages, as well as its disadvantages. Advantage: shang dynasty built networks, owners do not need to consider base station deployment; The disadvantage: ( 1) Network quality depends on the operator, the owner can't control; Operator is geared to the needs of the industry of network coverage, if there is a signal blind area for owner, network optimization, signal blind etc. ( 2) Data must pass through operator, the owner need docking and operators to obtain business data; Privacy problems, operational data of uncontrolled; For capable and interested in autonomous operation, the expansion of business value-added owner is an obstacle; LoRa is the enterprise from the author. The advantages and disadvantages of with NB operators how to just the opposite; Advantage: ( 1) The owner may independently control network quality, can rapid optimization of complement to network coverage; ( 2) Can be operated; Operational data in our own hands, according to the business needs to extend the network; The disadvantage: the need to consider LoRa base station, the deployment of the construction is more performance in base station location, power supply, and site coordination problems. Construction and operation cost of NB belongs to the operator, author, users need to bear the NB module hardware cost + NB operators network rent cost. LoRa belongs to the author, the user needs to undertake LoRa mode of the cost + LoRa base station. From the current cost, although country and the operators have a subsidy policy, NB module hardware costs and operating costs are high, a rough estimate the total cost of NB is higher than LoRa about 20 ~ 30%. Module power consumption of NB power consumption current is higher than LoRa, but specific contrast has much to do with the terminal data reception and transmission frequency; High frequency application influence on NB power consumption is very significant, it has a lot to do with sleep/wake mechanism, while LoRa is less affected by this. If it is a low frequency acquisition, such as once a month, so NB power ensures the service life of several years, can support applications; If it is a high frequency acquisition, such as hours or even half an hour at a time, NB power consumption is expected to at least three times more than LoRa. Cover depth of NB was built public public network, and each NB base station of the construction costs can be up to hundreds of thousands of; This means that the depth of target is to make sure they cover most of the terminal is available, for a small application terminal is unlikely to covered in depth. LoRa is a private network and each LoRa costs only need thousands of base station; This means that the cover depth control, at any time can be blind. NB coverage area belongs to the operator, author, operators consider its benefit factor, can consider more in densely populated areas, such as the 234 cities, especially the urban population concentration areas do key coverage; So in sparsely populated areas at least in the current stage is not the point. LoRa as private network construction, and is not affected by this. Application examples for the application of NB: ( 1) Shared cycling: wide distribution, unit density is small, suitable for using operator network; ( 2) Smart meters: the owner of sampling frequency is not high, requirements for network availability is not high, and don't want to consider the self-built base station; ( 3) Water/network monitoring, wide distribution, the unit density is small; ( 4) Universal wearable series: terminal distribution in the whole city, suitable for using operator network; ( 5) Intelligent parking: red-giant developed for 'small and light stop' geomagnetic city, through the magnetic induction magnetic field changes to judging for vehicle in and out of the car, up and down lines of the NB - wireless link IoT standard and complete docking, with OneNET support 5 g lianchuang parking platform application of laboratory. Application: suitable for LoRa 1) Smart meters: the owners have high request for sampling frequency needed to do data analysis, have high request for network availability; ( 2) Road parking detector: sampling frequency is higher, and to end life have certain requirements; ( 3) Suburban field on the outskirts of, such as mining, mining, heavy industry, etc. ; ( 4) Regional concentration, such as colleges and universities, strengthened the users of the park, to the construction of the private network to manage their own facilities and application.
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