Nansha lighting art festival will be opened on January 30, 2018, will bring citizens tourists panoramic sound large outdoor lighting show

by:MOSO     2020-03-06
Nansha lighting art festival will be opened on January 30, 2018, will bring citizens tourists panoramic sound large outdoor lights show | xGv00 | 63 e518b5eef9b551ee8af3bc3002487a long-awaited nansha lighting art festival on January 30, 2018 in nansha Manila river city sitting room door open. Activity lasts from 30 to February 8, 10 days, every night to 18:00 - lights on time At 21:30. The light section of the river park in Manila and civic square areas show 9 set of lights work, bright lights will accompany the nansha citizens, build the good before the Spring Festival holiday atmosphere. Innovating the mode of 'light + tourism' pull the holiday economy the light festival theme of 'light' of nansha, sponsored by the guangzhou nansha district cultural radio and television news and publication, guangzhou to undertake sharpness abundant culture communication co. , LTD. Since aesthetics and display art space was born to lights, people interested in the art of lighting is more and more strong. Guangzhou international lighting day has past seven years, was welcomed by many people, has become the guangzhou city culture brand. In early 2016, nansha taste 'light section + cruise' mode, out of the own characteristic of lighting art festival. The light festival on the basis of the achievements of before starting again, with the light section + travel patterns, held before the Spring Festival, on the one hand benefit zone citizen masses, on the one hand can attract tourists to the pearl river delta region, pull the tourism economy, innovation is more important is through the model, the nansha light festival into the image of the city of nansha new business CARDS. Manila door will be the largest 3 d pearl river delta river river water curtain projections show the light festival lighting arrangement combined with the characteristics of the natural landscape, with the help of banana gate the surface of the river reaches nearly 300 m wide advantage, in the river, pearl river delta will be the biggest river in 3 d water curtain projection show - — 'Light' nansha. The performance will nansha mix of elements such as traditional culture, science and technology, the screen projection to the 100 - meter - long double giant fan water curtain. And the other side the laser projection will as part of the water curtain performance, give priority to with electronic dance music style of music circulation gradient, thus, the effect of different rhythm, the whole picture and the surrounding environment, give a person strong visual experience. It is understood that the performance during the event every day, three games, the opening time of 7:30 20:30 respectively and 9 set of lights work distribution Manila door river park and civic square in the lighting section, main show works for 9 pieces. Among them, in Manila door river park in addition to the water curtain projection show, show one set of lights work, called the 'forest' of light. Among the works show in the park green belts, evening stroll in Manila river park, as if the light cone forest, give a person the feeling of another. In addition, other 7 group of lighting works and each has its own characteristics. On the lawn next to the public square, with matrix lighting tower, the citizens will give visitors bring panoramic sound large outdoor lighting show. It will be integrated with sound and light to take the panoramic sound system, linkage four atmosphere the light tower, full of fantasy. In the public square near the corniche, there will be a set of 'I love the nansha' lights work. The group works will be shown with static way, citizen friend shot hair circle of friends will choose the, mainly expressed the nansha people love the mental theme of nansha. Second, and the super organic glass and metal skeleton assembly of early age 'lotus', extracting the silk road transport goods designed elements of the design of 'colorful rubik's cube', can make a sound interactive work 'silk', can feel the sea change 'blue tide', can interact with the light of 'flying dreams' lights, will bring the nansha new artistic image.
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