MURATA-PS power supply launches new products in 2010--Moso power supply professional agent imported power supply

by:MOSO     2020-03-01
1. murata- Ps launches MTU1 series of new products, with 8 models on sale, with 5 or 12V input voltage and 5, 9, 12 or 15V output voltage to choose from. Each module has single output and 1kVDC insulation. All products are RoHS compliant. The size is only 8. 2x8. 4x8. 5mm, nearly half smaller than the module size such as NMV, and the working temperature is still- 40 ~ 85 degrees, the efficiency can be as high as 88%; 2. murata- PsUEI series introduces 25W module, model: UEI25-120-D48, input 48V (36V ~ 75 V), Output 12 V, size is only 0. 96' * 1. 1' * 0. 32', working temperature-40 degrees ~ 85 degrees, efficiency greater than 86%; 3. murata- The UCQ series of ps introduces a 15V output module, model number is: UCQ-15/6. 7-D48N-C, input 48V (36V ~ 75 V) , Output 15 V, power up to 100 W, size 1/4 brick, efficiency up to 92%, working temperature :-40 ~ 85 degrees; 4. murata- Ps launches new BEI15 series with input voltage of 9V ~ 36V and 18V ~ 75 two kinds, dual symmetrical output :/-5V ,/-12V ,/- 15 V, power is 15 W, isolation voltage can reach 2250 V, industrial temperature range :-40 degrees to 85 degrees, the size is only 0. 96 'x1. 1 'x 0. 35 '(Just the size of a coin)! Highly recommended!
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