MURATA-PS launches UEI15 series

by:MOSO     2020-03-01
MURATA- PS launches UEI15 series------- Wide input DC/DC converter in 1 square inch industry standard package provides 15W power Main features 9-36V or 18- 75 v dc, input industry standard package and circuit board mounting pin 3. 3V to 15V fixed output voltage extensive self-protection and shutdown function the newly introduced UEI15 series of Murata Power supply expands the performance of its isolated and wide input range DC/DC converter. UEI15 has a rated power of 15W and consists of 8 models. Designers can choose to use 3. Fixed regulated output of 3V to 15 V. The UEI15 series is PCB mounted and has an excellent power density of 15W on a substrate of only 1 square inch, which is very suitable for large current design with limited space. Typical applications can include industrial products, small equipment, microcontrollers and Remote Sensing Systems, electromechanical, transportation and portable equipment. This 24. 4mm x 27. 9mm x 9. 1mm (0. 96 inch x 1. 10 inch x0. 36 inches)Industry standard package and pins, plus 9-36 v dc or 18- The wide input voltage range of 75 v dc simplifies the integration of UEI15 series to many applications. The new module adopts a synchronous rectifier forward topology, helping to achieve an efficiency level of up to 89%. It can also carry out stable no-load operation without additional components, and the industrial working temperature range of the converter is-40 º C to 85 º C (Derating). UEI15 series also has complete magnetism and 2000 v dc (9-36V input voltage)And 2250 v dc (18-75 input voltage)Optical isolation of, including basic isolation. Fast settling to current step load and high capacitive load error make UEI15 series suitable for data system connection, while excellent ripple and noise specifications ensure that various CPU and ASIC are used, FPGA and programmable logic, circuit compatibility. The design functions of UEI15 include input low voltage locking and over temperature shutdown, output overvoltage and reverse conduction cancellation. The output current limit uses 'hiccup' automatic restart technology, and the converter keeps short circuit indefinitely. Pin-free assembly helps to ensure RoHS compliance, and modules of each series comply with UL60950-1, CAN/CSA-C22. 2No. 60950-1 IEC60950-1 and EN60950-Security certification of 1. More details: http://www . superpower. cn/eBusiness/gb/product_list. Asp Shenzhen moso power supply Technology Co. , Ltd. Tel: Shenzhen 0755- 83562355 83572816 83572495, Beijing, 010- 68527057 Shanghai, 021-54107026
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