MURATA new product released CF200 & CF350 Series

by:MOSO     2020-02-20
1U switching power supply integrates high power density and industrial standard size specifications to support a wide range of IT equipment and industrial applications. The selection efficiency level of 200W and 350W models is as high as 80% W/in. Power density of 3 (200W model)And 9. Power density of 5 W/in3 (350W model) SOURCE load were flow N 1 parallel work OR- The CF series introduced by ing diode 5V standby output voltage Murata Power supply is a brand new high density AC/DC switching power supply. The main output is 200W and 350 W, open unit, industry standard specification structure and high density. They are very suitable for distributed power architecture applications, redundancy (N 1)Work, information technology equipment and industrial applications. This series consists of a main output of 12V (16. 6A) The 200W model and the 3 350W model are composed, of which the 350W model can provide the designer with a main output of 12V (29A), 24V (14. 5A)Or 48V (7. 2A)The choice. The CF series of power supplies can provide a source power factor correction (PFC)The universal input (85 to 265VAC) At the same time, it has an auxiliary standby output voltage of 5 V, thus realizing the supervision of the system. CF200- The 200W model of A12C has 8 W/in. The high power density of 3 can help reduce the space required for customer applications, while synchronous rectification can reach an efficiency level of 80%. CF200- The production of A12C conforms to 1U height, solid open frame, U-shaped structure package, and the overall dimensions are 127 x 84mm x 39. 6mm. 350W model (CF350-A12C A24C and A48C), Its power density can reach 9. 5 W/in3, similar to the efficiency level of the 200W model. 1U outline size, open frame, U-shaped structure package is 173 x 98 x 36. 6mm. CF series switching power supply adopts mature topology technology and components to obtain higher reliability. This series also has Source load average and covers OR-N 1 working in parallel-Ing diode. Average time to failure for all models (MTBF) Up to 300,000 hours, RoHS compliant, UL/CSA60950-1 Safety Agency standards and European EN-60950-The standard of 1. About the new CF200 & For more details of CF350Series Series AC-DC power supply, please visit http://www . superpower. cn/eBusiness/gb/product_list. Asp Shenzhen moso power supply Technology Co. , Ltd. Tel: Shenzhen 0755- 83562355 83572816 83572495, Beijing, 010-68527057 Shanghai, 021-54107026
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