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mtp constant current led driver supplier for industry MOSO

mtp constant current led driver supplier for industry MOSO

Mtp constant current led driver supplier for industry MOSO

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Enterprise Strength
  • MOSO LED Driver is dedicated to providing satisfactory services based on customer demand.
Company Advantages
1. Environmental testing is one of the main steps in the production of MOSO constant current led driver . Strict inspection is carried our to eliminate toxic substances such as mercury and lead.
2. To meet customer's expectation and the industry standard, the product has to be subjected to strict quality inspection before shipment.
3. Each product is expected to deliver a long lifetime, thus people are able to save the costs of frequent bulb replacement.
4. The product has a long lifespan, allowing people to be free of replacing light bulbs frequently, which will be especially helpful for those who live in the remote area.

Company Features
1. Shenzhen MOSO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known Chinese manufacturer. Our core business includes the design, development, and manufacture of constant current led driver .
2. Over the years, we have formed a strong customer base. We have made many efforts in extending the marketing channels in an efficient way. For example, we work hard to promote professional client service capability when facing clients from different countries.
3. Making led driver design available everywhere is Shenzhen MOSO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. ' vision. Get quote! Shenzhen MOSO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. strictly follows the service mode of led driver programmable . Get quote! Our professional team in Shenzhen MOSO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. will provide professional service for our customers. Get quote! Shenzhen MOSO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is going to actively lead the isolated led driver industry with high quality and best service. Get quote!
Powers the LED fine if always on, but when initially switched on via load side, it overloads and shuts off for half a second, then recovers. Unfortunately, I am using it to switch frequently for curing a glue, once every 10 seconds, and this delay/flicker is an issue. I tried line side switching and there was an inconsistent 1 second on delay. I also tried series power inductors when load side switching to minimize inrush without success. I also use it for powering another LED always on and it was fine for this. I ended up using a meanwell ELG-150-36A which did not have this same issues.
Worked well for converting a fluorescent aquarium hood.
This is a nice little driver for a good price. Functionally, it works great. Only complaint is that it generates a bit of heat compared to higher quality drivers.
Works OK but just be sure that the wires are not too long or it will flash on and off.
Works as advertised.
Exactly what I needed. Fast delivery good price.
Repurposed an old halogen lamp to 1 watt led. Works.
These drivers perform as expected and are nicely constructed; nuch more so than the failed OEM units in the wallpacs they replaced.
Tested Mellie arms and work just as advertised and the price was very reasonable.
Worked like a charm
Works perfectly. Not too hot. Puts out stated power. Have now purchased 6 of these. I will stick with this brand ??
Very pleased
I wired this up to a plug on the supply side and 12 of these light strings- in parallel on the output end (after cutting the batteries off). Stuffed the LED strings into different colored Moroccan lanterns (like this one- and plugged it in to the stair light power supply on the deck. Automatic, battery-free and awesome lighting setup that's bright enough to see by but not bright enough to annoy the neighbors. Great product for powering LED lighting projects like this.
Seems Altair has a qc problem with it's otherwise great led lamps. I've had a number of failures of their drivers, I've put replacements in other people's units, and I've said in line at Costco with people returning their failed lamps. To Altair's credit, they are pretty good at supplying replacement drivers, but I got tired of replacing under engineered drivers with the same product. These work well; it's too soon to tell if the have better longevity than the oem units, but they for well and replaced the originals easily.
I rebuilt an outside LED sconce which failed after a year in my new home. The Chanzon driver worked perfectly with new LED Strips purchased separately. Replacing the entire fixture was cost prohibitive. This route saved a ton of $$$
Worked Great!
These are great! So far they work well (I have used a few different ones). I have been building my own customized aquarium lighting using Chanzon parts and they are great so far! If you are a DIYer, these are great!
Works great.
Bought two of these and did not test them before I soldered everything together. Fires up my DIY 100 watt Green LEDs for underwater fishing lights. Hopefully it lasts for a long time!
Works great. Just a bit to powerful for the led they are advised to use with. Maybe I just need to put more than 1 in the circuit.
Very short leads. Also didn't dim consistently.
These supplies are very clean and easy to work with. Units arrived on time and in great condition. Great power supplies for the price.
good quality
Working good and fast shipping
We use it to drive a Chanzon 100W LED Array. Works.
Item is as described. Still going strong after a couple of months use.
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