【Mr. Green]Energy Star Smart Home Standard 1st. 0 edition 1st draft

by:MOSO     2019-12-21

On April 12, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) A webinar was held to review the Energy Star smart home energy management system (SHEMS)1st. Version 0, version 1st. This standard aims to identify smart home system kits that should be able to provide reliable human body sensing, limit standby power of networked devices, and provide user feedback on the impact of energy efficiency of settings, realize energy saving, cost saving and convenience. The key concept is that intelligent devices plus human body sensing information and automation services are equivalent to energy conservation.

This Webinar reviewed the draft standards in the first half and the field methods and data collection in the second half. For the draft standard, the definition, scope, compliance standard, test method and certification elements are reviewed respectively.

The standards discussed include smart home energy management system, smart home service provider, service and equipment suite, platform, installation and terminology for classifying automated operations. As a combination of networked devices and services that manage home energy use, SHEMS components include smart home service providers, service and equipment kits, platforms, and installations. Smart home service providers refer to companies that own brands, and consumers can see their brands when interacting with their smart home energy management services. The Energy Star-certified SHEMS suite can provide optimization based on human body sensing, and it also includes services (Such as software, algorithms and user interfaces)And equipment (Such as physical equipment). A platform is a service product that contains multiple suites that provide consumers with relevant security, health and safety support. Installation refers to the deployment of the platform in a single house. Finally, the types of automated operations include explicit generation (For example, a hard trigger from user input), Implicit generation (For example, soft triggering from human body sensing information)And suggestions (Triggering of service recommendations)Operation.

The product coverage includes the specified elements required to run SHEMS. Compliance includes five elements: required basic services, additional platform capabilities, required equipment, grid services, and on-site data reporting. The required basic services include human body sensing, automatic optimization, Energy Information, remote user access, user failure notification, user customization, vacation or security mode, and device identification. Other required platform capabilities refer to being able to connect to the water heater controller and being able to use time-of-use electricity prices. The required networking equipment refers to the thermostat conforming to the Energy Star standard, the lighting conforming to the Energy Star standard, and the load measuring equipment (For example, smart plug or smart power plug).

Equipment-specific requirements mainly involve standby power Limits and Energy communication requirements. For smart plugs and splices, the limit of idle power is 1. 0 W. Similarly, the standby power limit for intelligent lighting control is 0. 5 W. For SHEMS specific hubs, that is, hubs that are not normally in residential buildings, their standby or idle power should be reported. In addition, the energy consumption of SHEMS networking equipment must also be reported.

for grid service standards, capability information must be published, including interface specifications and activation requirements-The API for the response function. In terms of on-site performance, service providers must report aggregate statistics every six months according to the SHEMS method of energy star to determine on-site performance. Test requirements and certification elements include suite verification, standby/idle power testing, and a data report template containing six months of field data.

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