【Mr. Green] Energy star Smart Home ENERGY Management System 1. 0 edition

by:MOSO     2019-12-17

On July 29, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Announced the Energy Star smart home energy management system (SHEMS)Standards 1st. The final draft of Version 0. This standard is designed to identify cost-effective, convenient and energy-efficient smart home system kits. Such systems can receive information provided by networked devices and use human body sensing information to manage energy consumption while providing users with feedback on the energy impact of their settings. EPA has formulated the final SHEMS 1st by the end of August 2019. Version 0 standard.

combined with the feedback from relevant parties on the 1st and 2nd drafts, the latest draft clarifies the expectations of the partner's commitment, revises the definition and meets the standards, and laid the foundation for future standard revision. In terms of practical application performance, optional data fields have been added, such as average power consumption during non-departure and average power consumption reduction during departure. Field data is particularly important for SHEMS. Different from other typical Energy Star product categories, SHEMS achieves energy conservation by influencing the usage of other products, therefore, actual user data is very important to reveal the influence of complex behavior interactions and further demonstrate the effectiveness of SHEMS.

in terms of requirements for networking equipment, a table has been added after draft 2nd, which summarizes the current standby power requirements in the applicable Energy Star standard.

for equipment without corresponding Energy Star standard, standby/idle power test adopts standard IEC test method. In future standard revisions, EPA plans to pay close attention to technological development and reduce standby power limits as appropriate. It is also possible to standardize the frequency and accuracy of equipment-level energy data reporting in the future.

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