【Mr. Green] Energy Star Most Efficient 2019 standard proposal

by:MOSO     2019-12-24


as part of the annual standards review, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)And the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) On September 11, representatives of the held a joint webinar to discuss proposals for product categories in the energy star Most Efficient 2019 competition. The Most Efficient label recognizes the Most energy-Efficient products according to 14 Energy Star product categories, with about 155 products from 3000 partners participating in the selection. Through cooperation with power company partners and joint promotion through retailer incentives, the Most Efficient label aims to guide environmentally conscious people to choose the Most energy-Efficient products as early as possible.

for specific product categories, most of the contents of the current standard remain unchanged. The updated parts are as follows:

in terms of household appliances, the current standard of the upper freezer refrigerator in the refrigerator product remains unchanged ( That is, efficiency is 10% greater than the federal minimum) The current standard for double-open refrigerators or lower freezer refrigerators has been updated ( That is, efficiency is 20% greater than the federal minimum). The current energy consumption and water consumption standards of washing machine products remain unchanged; However, the new proposal sets a minimum washing performance level (That is, the total cleaning score = 85). The current 2018 standard for standard dishwasher products remains unchanged, and the minimum cleanliness index per cycle remains unchanged. The current standard of dryers remains basically the same, and a management change has taken place in the heat pump or hybrid heat pump to make it easier to identify in the certified product list.

In the general warm air conditioner (HVAC) In the product category, the system status and the message standard or narrative guide have not changed, but the 2019 standard proposes to modify the variable capacity requirements of central pipeline air conditioning and air source heat pump. The performance level of the 2018 version of the ceiling fan product remains unchanged, and the efficiency requirements of the fan depend on the leaf exhibition, but the old standard has been lowered in order to match the test method of the US Department of Energy. The standards for bathroom/utility room exhaust fans and coaxial fans of fan products remain unchanged. However, efficiency standards will be added to coaxial fans equipped with filters and sound level standards will be added to exhaust fans in bathrooms/utility rooms.

in terms of electronic products, the total energy consumption standard of computer displays remains unchanged, but there is only one minor revision-- Use the resolution tolerance instead of setting a resolution limit of 5 megapixels. TV product category returns to Energy Star Most Efficient 2019 competition. It is proposed to add high-definition and ultra-high-definition televisions to cover 8. 10% of the total. 0 version of TV products.

The current performance, system status and message standard of the furnace fan remain unchanged. Similarly, the current performance standards for gas and oil boilers remain unchanged. The performance standard of dehumidifiers also remains unchanged, with the goal of providing almost the same IEP (Comprehensive Energy Factor)In order to deal with 5. Version 0 remains the same.

Finally, the current U factor and SHGC standard of electric window products remain unchanged. Coverage is limited to electric windows (That is, excluding doors and skylights, etc). Moreover, verification tests must also be conducted.

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