【Mr. Green] Emerging technologies to reduce energy consumption of plug load equipment

by:MOSO     2019-12-23

In August 15, the California Energy Commission held a webinar on emerging technologies: the mobility efficiency of plug-loaded devices. At this seminar, Vojin Zivojnovic and Davorin Mista from Aggios introduced a research project that combines mobile device design practices with hardware and energy management software, it is used to reduce the energy consumption of plug load equipment such as set-top boxes, televisions, computers and game consoles. In order to find out the reasons and methods to reduce the energy consumption level of mobile devices, the Aggios team found through in-depth research that the focus on energy conservation has been directly integrated into the design process of battery-powered products. According to the U. S. Department of Energy's four-year technical assessment (2015) , After 2020, the remaining energy saving opportunities and other electronic loads (MEL)Closely related. Therefore, the energy-saving design flow for such plug loads can achieve huge energy savings.

According to the design characteristics of mobile products, the design principles focused by this project can enable engineers to achieve greater energy conservation at lower cost. The project aims to reduce technical barriers and help make more efficient design decisions by providing software and hardware methodological guidance. In addition, we should understand the importance of the ability to independently monitor the power supply, such as placing a power meter on each engineer's desk. The hardware and software descriptions that can realize energy-saving oriented design come from virtual prototypes used to model energy behavior. By adopting energy-oriented design methods, simulating energy behavior and measuring performance indicators, engineers can estimate the annual energy-saving potential of different applications according to the actual use data of energy star. For example, one of the basic data of personal computers is that the greatest energy saving potential lies in the short-term idle mode. Similarly, the biggest opportunity for game consoles to improve efficiency lies in standby power consumption.

although the equipment specification includes low power status content, they are not fully utilized. By simulating and implementing the reference design of product applications such as smart TVs, computers, set-top boxes and game consoles, real energy saving opportunities can be determined.

The next step of the project will be to add descriptions of complete systems such as buildings, and further study how to exchange power-related information in the design flow, the scope of research goes beyond chips, circuit boards and products. Finally, the Aggios team will promote IEEE P2415 energy modeling for every device sold in California. IEEE P2415 is an unconventional standard for the unified hardware abstraction layer of energy proportional electronic systems, which is used to determine the energy characteristics and characteristics of equipment.

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