【Mr. Green]California updated laptop energy efficiency standards

by:MOSO     2019-12-27

California Energy Commission (CEC) The Title 20 computer energy efficiency standard has been updated to ensure coverage of new product types, which marks new progress in the energy conservation process. As part of a series of webinars on computer standards held in September and October, the office of home appliances and outreach and education reviewed the energy efficiency standards for notebook computers, which came into effect on January 1, 2019. Although notebook computers include mobile thin clients, portable all-in-one computers and notebook tablet two-in-one computers, tablet computers are not covered. In addition to reviewing definitions, test methods, performance standards and marking requirements, the certification process is also outlined to help manufacturers.

The CEC team not only discussed the definition of notebook computers, especially in terms of portability, moreover, the definition of specific variants such as mobile thin client, notebook tablet 2-in-1 computer and portable all-in-one machine is also discussed. Mobile Thin Clients rely on connections, while notebook tablet 2-in-1 computers contain clam shells and detachable keyboards and must be shipped as a whole. The portable all-in-one machine includes a size greater than 17. 4 integrated display.

The computer test method refers to the Energy Star standard test method, but includes a modification that stipulates that the hard disk speed shall not be modified to be different from the default factory setting. The annual total energy consumption is also calculated according to the Energy Star standard. In terms of mode weights, notebook computers produced before July 1, 2021 usually use conventional mode weights unless they meet the standards of full-function or remote wake-up weights, some of which must be factory enabled. In terms of power factor, the median power factor of the short-term idle state must be recorded. In terms of computer Sleep Mode power, power is not measured after manually entering sleep mode. Power measurement must start between 30th and 31 minutes when the user has no operation on the computer.

performance standards are reflected in power management requirements, total energy consumption limits and additional power consumption for special functions. At the factory, the power management settings must automatically switch the computer and any connected monitors to sleep mode. As an exception, for devices with limited operating system functions, an alternative computer Sleep Mode power limit is also specified. The energy consumption limit is set to 30 kWh/year, plus any applicable additional power consumption, including system memory power consumption, energy-efficient Ethernet, additional memory, integrated display, independent GPU and various extended add-on cards. The minimum power factor must reach 0 at full load. 9.

in terms of identification requirements, the manufacturer's name, model number and production date must be permanently displayed in a prominent position accessible to each computer. In terms of certification, it must be indicated that the product has reached the test standard in an approved test laboratory. Moreover, certification also requires a binding statement to be signed on behalf of the company.

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