【Mr. Green] California is exploring efficiency standards for commercial and industrial fans and fan appliances

by:MOSO     2019-12-25

The California Energy Commission held a Member Seminar in July 11 to discuss proposals for efficiency standards for commercial and industrial fans and fan appliances. The proposal focuses on energy efficiency standards for independent fans and embedded fans in non-regulatory equipment.

A key performance indicator is the fan Energy Index (Or referred to as FEI) , Which represents the electrical input power of the reference fan and according to ANSI/AMCA Standard 208- 18 calculation method of fan energy index ratio of actual fan electrical input power calculated under the same conditions. FEI indicators can be used to measure motor, transmission and control efficiency, allowing consumers to select fans based on the overall energy index rather than a specific flow rate or pressure point.

based on a data set of 295 fans of 1 horsepower motors, the California Energy Commission conducted a technical feasibility study. The fans covered by the proposed standard have rated shaft input power of 1 horsepower, or for fans without rated shaft input power, the electrical input power must be greater than or equal to 1kW. Moreover, the fan covered must have 150 horsepower fan aerodynamic force. The scope of this proposal is to cover most of the total fan energy consumption, and at the same time reduce the burden on manufacturers.

In this seminar, relevant parties pointed out that fan types should be considered more carefully. For example, a ducted fan may not represent a centrifugal fan or other type of fan. Similarly, roof fans, exhaust fans and return fans (With low pressure)With the blower ( Used under high static pressure in air handling equipment)It is not the same type. Other interested parties pointed out that the dependence on climatic zones was not reflected in the test procedure.

with the adoption of the new standard, the independent fan can achieve an estimated energy saving of 50 GWh in the whole state in the first year, embedded fans can save 24 GWh of energy in the first year. After a complete inventory turnover rate, independent fans and embedded fans will achieve energy savings of 1400 GWh per year and 430 GWh per year respectively. In total, 1830 GWh of energy can be saved every year, compared with 2200 GWh of energy saved by battery chargers and 859 GWh of energy saved by LED lamps conforming to California standards.

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