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MOSO won the 2018 Annual Brand Enterprise award

MOSO won the 2018 Annual Brand Enterprise award


The 10th GGled golden ball awards ceremony held in Shenzhen on December 14, 2018. In the annual conference meter, more than 500 demetic LED industry leaders, experts and representatives of each LED executives gathered and looked ahead the development in the LED industry chain for ten years, overall for the LED industry pattern of market capital technology trends and direction, to explore industry of the LED lighting , and probe into the new pattern of enterprise development.

The MTP family of MOSO as a new generation of independent innovation intelligent industrial lighting driver were taken part in ranking. The biggest characteristic of MTP power solution is to be able to off-line programming, make driver customize in anytime and anywhere. Moreover, the log function as a black box can record the temperature stress of the power device and save the data, even when the power failure can also read the data, so that a preliminary diagnosis of the power failure reason. The MTP series of MOSO won the golden ball annual innovation technology award and innovative products crystal ball prize awards. At the same time, based on the yearly excellent performance of MOSO in the industry and in many fields wide applications such as outdoor lighting, industry lighting, landscape lighting, public lighting,etc., the organizers awarded the 2018 annual brand enterprise Prize.

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