Moso tell you what's LED light?

by:MOSO     2020-03-06
Adjustable light now generally refers to the LED light, can understand, so the light just as its name implies is that one can drive power supply for LED lamps and lanterns that move light. The following moso explain in detail for all of us! The use of adjustable light object is LED lights. LED is short for light emitting diode, can transform electric energy into light energy of semiconductor electronics. With the development of technology, its application expands unceasingly, the LED has become the fourth generation light source. LED features make LED lamps and lanterns has many excellent features such as: energy saving, environmental protection, long life, strong brightness, low power consumption, easy to adjust light and so on. But has its drawbacks as well as the LED, it's need a dedicated driver. Adjustable optical drive action on LED lights first the most basic function is to provide constant current drive. However, is the main purpose of adjustable light on the LED light. Early for LED lamp dimming solution is that using the corresponding decoder, but the decoder need external a driving power for lamps and lanterns that move light. The function of adjustable light is a combination of both. Now a constant current LED lamps and lanterns, if you want to move light, a light, is only an external adjustable light can be connected directly to the 220 v alternating current. With the constant improvement of the people demand, not only need to move light LED, also need to adjust the color changes, color temperature changes. So now there are some can control the colour of lamps and lanterns, color temperature change function of light products. Adjustable light depending on the dimming control signal, can be divided into different types. In all the LED light is a kind of innovation, it simplifies the installation, and can develop more features, believe that with the further innovation of technology, the light will have more applications, brings better visual enjoyment! You are welcome to inquire shenzhen moso co. , LTD. : phone: ( 86 - 755). 2786, 3286,
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