Moso provide you with professional DALI decoding scheme that move light

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
Shenzhen moso co. , LTD is a professional committed to the intelligent lighting control system, DALI control host, intelligent switch DALI, DALI dimmers, DALI decoding module, DALI signal converter, LED dimming solution/OEM, LED dimming power supply, LED controller, the product customization of all sorts of intelligent products such as collection of professional research and development, production and processing as one of the company, and is the first domestic provide complete DALI lighting control solutions, DALI protocol LED decoder OEM/ordering service suppliers. At present, the DALI protocol LED dimming product market demand is gradually increasing, especially exports to the European indoor LED lighting lamps and lanterns. Each manufacturer of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns is different, so the LED dimming power supply will also vary. To better improve the quality of your products, moso provides LED products tailored DALI protocol of dimming power supply. Our company for indoor LED lighting dimming power supply there are two kinds of mature DALI dimming decoding scheme: a. DALI DALI decoding module decoding module, LED dimming dedicated ( Module can be customized) Product name type as the input voltage pictures function introduction DALI decoding module LED dimming CTT - all the way DLMOD - 1 dc5v1 road PWM output, occupy a DALI DALI address decoding module 2 LED dimming CTT - DLMOD - 2 dc5v2 road PWM output, to take up two DALI DALI address decoding module LED dimming CTT - three road DLMOD - It takes three to dc5v3 road PWM output, DALI address IEC62386 - DALI standard 102 - V1. 0 and IEC62386 - 207 - V1. 0 standard function introduction: DALI reception, decoding output PWM adjustable light signals, has all the way, 2, 3 road PWM output option. Advantages: module can be directly used as a common electronic devices, do not need to understand the core of the DALI technology, convenient and quick to develop DALI dimming function of power supply. Disadvantages: module fixed volume size, single function, may is limited by the power shell, dimming power supply is not suitable for all to use. 2. DALI DALI decoding chip decoder chip, LED dimming dedicated ( The firmware can be customized, not big supply) Product name type as the input voltage function introduction DALI decoding chip CTT - picture YCP168XDC5V can be set to 1 4 road PWM output, with over-current, no-load fault input, support push dim/touch dim light way. IEC62386 - DALI standard 102 - V1. 0 and IEC62386 - 207 - V1. 0 standard conditional way cooperation, in view of the large amount of customers, only cooperation need some advance payment in advance before. We will provide mature circuit design, key components manual and other technical data, at the same time, our company technical personnel at your company technical personnel direct docking, assist in developing and assist in testing, ensure that developed the high stability of DALI adjustable light power supply, special function can be custom-made for the customer. Function description: DALI reception, decoding output PWM signal, adjustable light have 1 ~ 4 PWM output options, each road PWM has overcurrent, open circuit fault signal detection, and can support a PUSH DIM/TOUCH DIM light way. Advantages: can be dimming power supply design different functions, different with other devices on the same PCB design, flexible change according to different demand, such as: PWM select 1 ~ 4 road design, open circuit, over-current detection is designed, PUSH DIM/TOUCH DIM design, DALI interface pressure protection. Support special custom function. Faults: long development cycle, each dimming power supply need to be independent design DALI part of the circuit. Note: if you want to do DALI institutions authentication, has obtained a certificate of DALI hardware and chip software must achieve perfect coordination, the certification requirements is very strict, chip software according to the hardware parameters for fine-tuning ( Such as: the continuity of the dimming curve matching, the speed of light, weak light is related to hardware parameters such as time, adjustment to the software and hardware must be perfect. ) , the equivalent of ordering service, cooperation for chip manufacturers. Tip: DALI certification and CE certification, in accordance with the requirements of DALI institutions each dimming power supply models to do certification, belongs to the dimming power supply the overall detection, requirements of hardware and software are to pass the certificate can be achieved. Because the little laboratory certification and detect cost is expensive, and may have to test several times to pass, Suggestions according to the requirement of end customers whether to do certification. Can provide power factory and the LED lamps and lanterns that move light factory with DALI protocol decoding scheme, DALI decoding module and DALI decoding chips are two ways, special solutions to support order function, specific please contact us. At the same time we also provide a research and development, production, testing, demonstration of using DALI host devices, specific available here: http://www. szyuanhao。 com/news/375。 html
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