Moso power supply the 4th badminton competition Newsletter

by:MOSO     2020-02-26
Moso power supply the 4th badminton competition newsletter in order to promote communication and exchange among employees, enrich their spare time life, improve their physical quality, and provide a stage for employees to show their skills, after intensive preparations, the 4th badminton competition of moso power was held on September 14. The competition is divided into five groups: men's singles, women's singles, mixed doubles, men's doubles and women's doubles, and two individual events: men's singles and women's singles. All the competitions adopted a 21-point elimination system. In the group competition, the yellow team led by Yu won the total score of 5:4, winning the team superiority of moso's 4th badminton competition. In the individual competition, tang and Fan won the second place in men's singles, and Wang Jie and Wang Xiaoli won the second place in women's singles. The competition was held in a relaxed atmosphere, and the process was wonderful and intense. The performance of the athletes made the audience enjoy a passionate visual feast: their figures were running on the court, all of them are heroic and sassy; Their extraordinary skills and the spirit of never giving up won the applause of the audience; They wrote the movement of youth with their passion and vitality; Their all-out efforts in the competition made the competition climax one after another; Their friendly handshake after the match explained'Friendship **'And'Focus on participation'The real connotation. The game ended in a cheerful and peaceful atmosphere. This competition not only shows the sports style of the moso people, but also reflects the positive spirit of the moso people, and also shows the moso people. 'Friendship **, second in the competition'A good state of mind. Let's cheer for all the athletes participating in the competition, and let's also congratulate the winners of this competition.
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