Moso power supply officially signed Murata-ps (C & D)Chinese agents

by:MOSO     2020-02-27
Moso in power with American C & D (C &D) The company signed a contract in October 2004 and officially became C &D China agent. C & D Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CHP) The technology company on the list has been focusing on the three main fields of power supply, electric energy reserve system and material transportation system, and is a supplier in * * * * status and respected. C & Group D consists of four operating departments: Dynasty, MotivePower, Powercom and PowerElectronics. C & D power supply electronics department: mainly design, produce and sell standard, non-standard and customer-formulated DC/DC converters and power supplies. Four Design/production bases are located on three continents: the United States, Britain, Mexico and Guangzhou, China. The main products are: ultra-low power (250Mw ~ 1 W): Standard input, output voltage range; Isolation voltage up to 5. 2KV, high efficiency single group, double group, three groups of output full series products. Low power (1. 5W ~ 9 W) : Industry standard SIP and DIP packages, single, dual and three sets of output series products, SMD products with power up to 2W can be produced in surface mount design, it can also provide 8KV safe isolation conversion products for various specific purposes. ** Rate (10W ~ 150 W): Industrial standard pin, 1. 2 ~ 24V single, double and three sets of output voltage, 2:1 wide range of input voltage series products are suitable for high performance and low cost design applications. High power (More than 150 W) : In order to apply to the industry standard frame structure, including the choice of built-in cooling fan function, there is a standard 300 ~ 2000 w ac/DC and up to 500W power DC/DC products, these power supplies can accommodate a large number of built-in functions. C & The strong growth of D Company's power supply product line benefits from product quality and customer service awareness. At the same time, it has strengthened the company's power supply product system through a series of strategic acquisitions, * recently acquired DATEL company and CELESTICA power system department. The whole series of products and the global sales service system Form C &D's power supply brand. DATEL company is an international electronic manufacturing enterprise with rich product production lines, among which the power supply product line specializes in small and medium-sized (3 ~ 300 W) Power DC/DC, PCPOWER and AC/DC, including industrial and military products, have a high reputation in the world. CELESTICA is a global leader in electronics manufacturing. It provides value-added services and production plans of its peers to many major original equipment manufacturers in the world's computer, information technology and communication industries. Its customers mainly include: IBM, HP, DELL, LUCENT, MOTOROLA, JDS and NORTELNETWORKS, etc. have design and production bases in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. The power products provided by CELESTICA power system department have obvious advantages such as compatible installation positions and high cost performance, which are widely recognized and preferred by customers. Shenzhen moso power supply Technology Co. , Ltd. Tel: Shenzhen 0755- 83562355 83572816 83572495, Beijing, 010- 68527057 Shanghai, 021-54107026
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