Moso power supply officially sells Ericsson Ericsson Power supply module products

by:MOSO     2020-02-26
Moso power company officially released Ericsson (Ericsson) The company's full line of power module products, as for Ericsson's discontinued products and products with high market share, our company has a large inventory to meet the needs of customers, in particular, PKC and PKA series products with a large market share, in order to meet the continuous needs of new and old customers, our company officially launched 16 fully compatible products, welcome new and old customers to contact our company at any time. The following is the inventory information of Ericsson products of our company: 1. Ericsson's discontinued inventory models are: PKC2111, PKC2113, PKC2126, PKC2131, PKC2135, PKC4113, PKA4411, PKA4232, PKE4232, PKG2623, PKG2611, PKG4627, PKF2111A, PKF2111AS, pkf21as13i, PKF2113API, PKF4111S PKF4111A PKF4611 PKF4713 PKF5113S PKF4121AIS PKF4622 2PKIR0512D 2PKV2412S. 2. Ericsson's current normal supply inventory models are: PKJ4910PIT, PKM2510EPI, PKM2511EPI, PKM2513EPI, PKM2515EPI, PKM4511EPI, pkr2121asi, PKR2113ASI. 3. Products that are fully compatible with Ericsson's following discontinued models are: PKC2111, PKC2113, PKC2135, PKC4135, PKC2121, PKC2126, PKC2132, PKC2131, PKC4126, PKA2211, PKA2323, PKA2325, PKA2231, PKA2232. Shenzhen moso power supply Technology Co. , Ltd. Tel: Shenzhen 0755- 83562355 83572816 83572495, Beijing, 010- 68527057 Shanghai, 021-54107026
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