Moso Power supply officially became the US Baowei company Power-One agents in mainland China

by:MOSO     2020-02-28
In July 2012, moso Power supply officially became the Power of baowei company in the United States-One is an agent in mainland China. US Power- One company is a global superior provider of energy and power products and solutions, with more than 30 years of professional power design and manufacturing experience superior to peers, provide advanced, * * and efficient power supply solutions for communication, computer and industrial applications. Power- One's product power covers a wide range, with a single power supply as small as 1W and as high as 7kw, while the system Communication Power cabinet products can reach more than one hundred kilowatts. The installation methods include PCB board installation, surface mount, open, 3U, 6U bracket installation and track installation. Power- One's power supply products are characterized by high efficiency, high reliability, high MTBF, high anti-interference and wide input range, so under harsh operating conditions, such as high-speed railway with strong vibration and large impact, light rail, subway (Chengtie); Meteorological Measurement and iron and steel enterprises with great temperature gradient changes; Require medical equipment with small interference, good anti-interference and small leakage current; It requires long-term stable performance and reliable operation of large Power plants, Power stations and control equipment in control systems, etc. Power- One has corresponding power products and solutions. Rich industry experience, strict quality management requirements and unique international vision have created Power- One company's superior position in the power supply field today! For more details, please visit http://www . power-one. com/
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